Saturday, May 8, 2010

Memories and Ideas - Grandma's Kitchen Revisited

Flowers in black and white

On a recent visit with family my sister and I chatted about things that reminded us of grandma’s kitchen, those little touches of warmth that invited us in to sit a spell, plus those beautiful plates filled with food that was always cooked with love and laden with sweet cream butter. As we reminisced I started writing down the memories and ideas that we came up with that would make our modern kitchen feel more like grandmas.

Mason jars
  • Filled with staples, like sugar, beans, spices and loose leaf tea; our grandmas loved using loose leaf teas brewed to perfection
  • Decorated with a ribbon and filled with flowers; our grandma loved the flowers picked with tiny hands from the roadside
  • Packed with canned green beans, peaches, jam and more

China Teacups and Pots
  • Lining the top shelf of the dining hutch; our grandma used her English bone china daily
  • Knitted tea cozies with bright embellishments

Flour sack towels

Black and white photos
  • Decorate with b/w photos of family, food or flowers in old wooden frames [hint: black and white photos are cheaper to get developed]

Small, clear jars

  • Loaded with odd, brightly colored buttons; our grandmas could find a button to fix anything
  • Stuffed to the brim with candy; our grandmas always had the candy of the season stashed all around the house
  • Filled to the top with honey, orange marmalade and homemade jams

Tea kettle and coffee pot
  • Old fashioned aluminum drip coffee pot; our grandmas was well used and darkly stained on the inside, making each pot of coffee that much more delicious
  • A bright copper or stainless steel tea kettle, big and round with a wooden handle; our grandmas tea kettle was usually steeping on the stove ready to bring to a boil for a 'spot of tea'

Hand-powered kitchen tools
  • Find, decorate and use the kitchen tools grandma used daily, some examples are...
    - an egg beater
    - a wire whisk
    - vintage cheese graters
    - an apple peeler and corer
    - mortar and pestle
    - pastry blender
My sis and I sure hope this sparked a memory and spurred you on to start creating your own. Do you have a memory or idea to add? We'd love to hear from you.

**Photo available at dizzygirl's Zazzle store.**

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