Saturday, March 6, 2010

Apron Strings

Grandma's Recipes

Hardly a meal was prepared, a dinner served at the table that I don't remember my Grandma Katie wearing an apron. I remember her apron. Those cherished memories of family...meals...ties.

Flour dusted on the front of grandma's apron, combined with the yummy smells wafting from the kitchen usually meant some sort of sweet treat. My all time favorites were those cinnamon sugary crisps made from leftover pie crust – baked with love, perfectly sized for little fingers.

Grandma's apron was functional, a cook's companion to performing the tasks at hand. It wasn’t until the 50’s that aprons became more of a fashion statement. Housewives of the day made or purchased aprons that matched their attire and the seasons. My mom’s aprons reflected the trend - hers were frilly and embellished with big bows. The Christmas aprons were simply darling.

Today’s resurgence of the apron is evident. In addition to the charm of sassy and flirty personally nostalgic stories and history intertwine. Do you have an apron story to share?

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